The Sydney Democracy Institute welcomes and practically supports cooperation with outside research organisations and networks and public interest bodies concerned with the future of democracy.

Our work is resolutely inter-disciplinary and multi-scalar and we have a particular interest in fresh-minded and innovative projects that address the serious unresolved and emergent problems faced by democrats and democratic institutions in the early years of the 21st century.

Preferred themes of cooperation include: environmental risks and catastrophes; media and democracy; human rights and the condition of indigenous peoples; social policy and the future of capitalism.

Other topics of special interest to our work include: Leadership, accountability and cross-border institutions; the rise of post-democratic regimes; religion and secularity; ageing populations and intergenerational justice; the politics of memory, shame and forgiveness; and new philosophical and normative perspectives on representation and democracy.

Guided by such concerns, OnDemocracy is looking for regional and global partners operating within and across different time zones. OnDemocracy is an open-source space for encouraging fresh thinking and practical innovations. It seeks to strike a dynamic balance between its own and others’ research interests and activities. Among the leading aims of OnDemocracy is the formation of a first-ever Global Democracy Research Network.

OnDemocracy already enjoys links with a number of initiatives: