Wikileaks: A Few Secrets

Professor John Keane
The following words on the subject of secrets and politics were spoken at a recent Sydney public symposium, organised by my colleague Benedetta Brevini, Beyond…

WikiLeaks' rotten twist of fate

Professor John Keane
WikiLeaks has a proud legacy in the fight against the secrecy of the powerful, but its shambolic debut as a political party did nothing to…

Not My Brotherhood's Keeper: The Fallacy of Crushing Egypt's Chief Islamist Group

Amro Ali
By the time philosopher Hannah Arendt penned the words in her 1970 work On Violence: “The means used to achieve political goals are more often…

A Murder in Europe

Professor John Keane
It’s difficult from afar to grasp the depressing scale and depth of European disintegration, so let me try from close range to convey something of…

Letter from Beirut: democracy's cross-border hopes

Professor John Keane
Perhaps the only bright democratic light in this dark crisis surrounding Syria is the unexpected growth of a cross-border, large-scale and ultimately global denunciation of…

Can Democracy Survive a Disappearing Middle Class?

Professor John Keane
‘No bourgeois, no democracy’ is the racy formulation penned half a century ago by the American historian Barrington Moore Jr. It’s a well-known political maxim,…

Has Democracy reached a tipping point?

Professor John Keane
A recent poll by the Lowy Institute suggests many young Australians are ambivalent about the virtues of democracy, while leading democracy scholar John Keane warns…

Senator in the city: Scott Ludlam's vision

Professor John Keane
Senator Scott Ludlam has city life and urban thinking hard-wired into his political genes, and believes that cities are becoming political laboratories. John Keane spoke…

Margaret Thatcher: Tales of Power and Vainglory

Professor John Keane
Despite its illuminating details, this examination of the early years of Margaret Thatcher's period in power dodges many difficult questions.